Should I follow up with a call? And when do I give up?

I met a young woman from OKCupid for a date at a coffee shop a few days ago. She was smart, fun, vivacious, shared many similar values and interests, and was extraordinarily cute. We had a nice chat for 90 minutes; she said at the end that she enjoyed meeting me and we exchanged a quick hug. She's also going on a two-week long European vacation in a few days, so it is kind of killing any momentum that I might have to get a second date with her in the immediate future.

Knowing she'd be busy with work and other commitments before leaving, I emailed her to let her know that I had a wonderful time, enjoyed talking to her, and asked if I could take her out to dinner once she gets back to the States...and I haven't heard anything back after a day and a half. I've gathered from prior communication that she checks/responds to her email often, so I have to assume that she's seen my note. Do I give it more time? Should I follow up with a phone call, either now or after she gets back? Or should I just assume that she's not that into me, is too polite to say so, and move on? I'd never want to make her (or anyone) feel uncomfortable or pressured, but I really would like to emphasize to her that I really did think she was pretty wonderful and really would like to get to know her better.


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  • She might be busy - sometimes when I'm busy I read emails but wait to respond to them. She may also be taking time to process the date and figure out how she feels about you. If I were you, I'd send her a quick text: "Have fun on your trip! Sent you an email, check it out when you get back. Hope to talk to you soon!" Talk to other people on the site, maybe go on some more dates, and then see if she responds when she returns. If she does, awesome! If not, you haven't wasted any time waiting around for her.


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  • Honestly, I think texting her is more efficient than you emailing her, but you did say that she's going on vacation for 2 weeks, so she's probably busy. Give her another day or so, if she doesn't reply to your email then you should text or call her up.

  • if she was interested she would have responded. idc how busy I am with stuff if I wanna go out with a guy again I will literally be waiting by all sources of communication for his msg/call. and I would have responded right away (unless I was actually doing something, but it would still happen at some point that day.) if she responds later on like after a trip I guess you can try and see her but I wouldn't try to contact her more then once.


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