Could I please have some advice on why she broke up with me?

Hey all!

So I had been 'dating' this girl for around a month. I put ' ' because we never made it public and the first month went by flawlessly. We were interested in each other, played around, and I felt that she genuinely liked me. Over the past week that very suddenly stopped. She returned texts and chats less, she started not appearing in the usual places we met up in each day. All that led up to a text saying that she enjoyed hanging out but doesn't want a relationship right now and she doesn't feel 'ready' for one but would still hope to be friends.

Now I'd like to believe her, but I've found that when girls say this there is another reason for breaking up. I'd hate to think this but she has been commenting on Facebook posts from another guy and I think it may have been because she found an interest in him instead. Although she did just get a new part time job and seems pretty stressed with work so I have no clue.

What do you guys think? Is there anyway (or should I even) to respond to the text and possibly find out the true reason.

Thanks in advance!


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  • It's anybody's bet dude. She might have found someone else or she might have gotten scared you were getting too close, not close enough, or she might be batsh*t crazy. She's not into it any more, so you pick yourself up and drive on. Yes, this is a LOT easier said than done.

  • Try to avoid noticing comments on Facebook posts from another guy.

    Whatever she is feeling, the best way to react is to ignore her. Not get mad, not treat her poorly, not avoid her altogether- but don't ask yourself these questions.

    I know, it seems impossible, but if you set a few rules and follow them you'll pick up some momentum.

    There's a good chance that she'll come running back to you. If she doesn't, you will have moved on in the process.