I'm reading too far into this aren't I?

Ok,so me and the man I was seeing got into an argument.

So, a few days after the fight it was his birthday, and I thought WTH I'm going to send him a message that says Happy Birthday. And, it really surprised me because he responded to it. And, for a while he had been ignoring any text I sent him, etc, etc.

There hasn't been any contact with him since the message. But, why the hell did he respond? Is this a good sign? Do you think he may want to make up? Or am I just reading too far into this...


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  • You're reading too far into this. You sent him a happy birthday text and he replied as common courtesy. He was probably replying to everyone that sent him happy birthday and didn't even notice you were the sender.

    He isn't talking to you. That means he doesn't want to talk to you.

    • Well, he knew it was me because he replied in Spanish, my native language.

    • This is your best answer. If someone says congratulations, you say thanks. If someone says excuse me, you say no problem. If someone says happy birthday, ... you get the idea.

    • YOU ARE 100% right. Thanks

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  • If you want to make up with him (which I assume you do since you're asking this) then just message him apologizing saying you want to make up with him.