Why do people play games in dating?

I've never dated before so maybe I can't talk but I'm just curious. What's wrong with being straight up about how you feel? It seems like people get hurt easily and it can be very stressful when someone you're dating plays games. If I started dated someone I'd be honest with them, the games just seem childish to me. I don't see the point.


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  • I agree, games are just a waste of time. You never really get to know the person, it's just a game of string one person along or be strung along. And all those silly rules like don't call for three days make it even worse.

    And people wonder why marriages these days end in a disaster worse than anything Sim City could cook up.

    • yeah those rules are silly, more effort should be put into the actual relationship.

    • I agree 100%. I wish more people saw things the way we do. I'm one of those that I don't care who asks who out, who pays, who calls first, when someone calls first. I just like things nice and straightforward, no guessing games. And what's weird is I actually like to get to know a girl as a friend before I date her. Some say dating a friend risks a friendship, but I say, if it's a truly solid friendship, it could easily survive a breakup (the fact I'm still friends with some exes is proof).

    • I know being honest just makes things more easy, and I don't think that's weird being friends with a person before dating, it sounds reasonable to get to know the person first.

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