Can anyone shed some light on why this same pattern occurs with men?

So every time and I mean every time I meet a guy the exact same thing happens. Its got to the point where I know its gonna happen even before it does.

The will tell me they like me, tell me they fancy me ask me out on a date or sometimes text for a bit before the date etc. Anyway they either don't get back in touch to arrange the date or they text me for months on end and never take me out on a date then just stop texting or they take me on a few dates then cancel and never get in touch but 9 times out of 10 the following week or so they are in a relationship.

Off the top of my head this has happened 7 times with different lads over the last year or two.

Can anyone shed any light on why they show so much interest then just disappear. Am I just OK till someone better comes along?



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  • There could be a multitude of reasons of why you are not holding guys interest in you. It could be that you are too nice, unexciting, or not challenging. By challenge, I mean always being available to them, or appearing eager to please(as in frequently agreeing with them.

    Are you inquisitive, flirtatious, and comical on dates etc? How soon do you let the guy know that your interested in them? Do your sense of style conform to theirs?

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head with the not being challenging and not being available.

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  • Unless we're all knowing beings, no we can't tell you why this is happening.

    My only response would be that they're just not compatible with you.

    Look back on those relationships, try to find common factors between them.


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  • Hmmm... how much enthusiasm are you projecting while you're on a date? Sometimes if guys think you're not really into them and just "along for the ride" it makes them back away from you...

    • No I do show interest. Maybe not enough then? That may be it

    • yeah sometimes it's hard to tell how much interest is required or expected of us. Most of the times I've been with guys they were the ones who were leading the way, so it's hard to show a more active posture when they're dominating the situation all the time... I just try to look like I'm into it, even when I'm not (lol)...

      With that said, how is the physical attraction? Do you feel you have good chemistry with these guys when you're smooching and all that?