Why has he stopped texting/replying after texting me non-stop for 2 days?

So me and this guy spoke online hit off immediately then after a while added each other on Skype and we spoke on that then Sunday night we exchanged numbers. I've met other guys online before we've never spoken as much as he talks to me. He texted me most of the day Monday at any chance he could even while he while he was at work. And we spoke a lot until the evening we speak of whatsapp . Tuesday he texted me most the day too. Then in the evening about 6pm he stopped. I said I was walking back from the gym and I'd asked what he was up to.

He said "ah alright nothing special will I pick you up and bring you the rest of the way hehe (as he drives) and he said that jokingly that I had the option to sleep in and he didn't". Then I text back as I was home "haha yeah true I don't like being in bed all day during the week only weekends. I'm home now so it's ok" he didn't reply.

Then later that evening I texted "Hows your evening going?" he didn't reply he had mentioned being tired earlier. He didn't reply or text me at all today like usual. An he was on Skype if I'm online he goes offline happened twice (I think his break was just over though).

He did ask me to meet up in a week if we're still talking. He usually texts me this in the morning "did you manage to surface out of bed today?" I messaged him today he hasn't text back?I don't understand what I said/did wrong? He did say this once "sorry if I sound very boring I am not much of a texter"(this was 2days around when we first started talking) . I was thinking leaving it 3 days then asking if he wants to meet? maybe he got the impression I'd not want to meet him. as he seemed very interested texting me at every chance he could , talking through Skype ,whatsapp and texting? Will I leave it 3 days then text asking if he's still up for meeting?


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  • It sounds to me like you're over thinking this. I'm guessing by your age that you are both in school and you did mention that he works, so I would give him some time. Just be patient. You have only been talking to each other for about a week. If in a couple days, you still haven't heard back from him, he did say he wasn't a "texter", so call him. Good luck, keep me posted.

    • He's just messaged me tonight on Skype saying: this is how the convo wenthim: heya there sorry haven't got back to you been a bit busy hope you are wel

      me: Heya aw it's alright , I'm good hows you?what you been up to?

      him:i am good now , jus in bed here and you?

      me: Same really. Hows your day been?

      him: meh alright and you?do you want have a video chat?

      me: It was OK too just went gym really didn't do much else

      him: cool good stuff

      me:maybe some other time after we've met up if you want?

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    • I've met 4 he's the 5th. All the others didn't move fast . I'm not quite sure if there's anything there. I think he likes me though . if I was to see him again I'd make sure we take it slowly. And after being on a 5 dates I can tell when there is that "click" there kinda is before that. I really need to get to know him more maybe I just need to set boundaries and not go back to his again for a while?

    • Sorry it took so long to respond. Well I understand things just happen in the heat of the moment like that, but you could've stopped him at any point. So freezing up after he got to second base honestly makes you sound a bit like a tease, but I do understand. If you have a "connection" with the guy, give it another run and see where it goes, or you could try and contact one of the previous four. You obviously know your options I would just say make sure you keep within your bounds. Good luck!

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