What is going on in this guys head?

I was seeing a guy for a while, it was a very intense relationship. He recently got depression and said it was better if we were just friends for now while he sorts his head out. He keeps texting me though and I have no idea how to react to these messages and he stills wants to know what I'm doing etc. Any ideas?


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  • Being in a depression is horrible. If you really like this guy, wait it out and obviously be there to help him (even as a friend). When you're in a depression, you don't really care about anything, including being in a relationship, because it's true your mind isn't really there. I really do feel for the dude.

    • He won't accept help off anyone or talk to anyone. All he wants to do is be drunk all the time. His ex-girlfriend is also being a bitch to me. Its literally the worse position to be in.

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