What is your best dating story?

What is your best dating story! How far have you gone to get the guy or girl? What's the best/worst date you've ever been on? Did you get the girl/ guy or not?


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  • This is a worst category...

    I was online dating. I'd met this girl and we'd gone on about 3-4 dates over perhaps a month. One night I call her and somehow the lines got crossed (didn't even know this happened anymore). I could barely hear her but apparently she couldn't hear me.

    I text her and said "it seems like something is wrong with the phones, I'll try you in a few"

    I tried again and again the lines got crossed.

    then she text me, "call me ASAP".

    I was kind of like huh? but called again...again the lines were crossed.

    Finally about an hour later I call and get through. She is fuming pissed off. She's like, "so who is the Asian chick?"

    I was absolutely confused and said I dont' know what you're talking about

    "Well whenever I tried to call you this old Asian lady would pick up. What the eff are you doing? Don't make me look like a fool 'you f--king coward"

    I reminded her that the lines were getting crossed, but she didn't seem to really buy it. After a lot of convincing (ex. "why would I have another girl answer my phone"..."what makes you think I'd cheat on you with an old Asian lady?") she seemed to cool off. But that was that for me, the crazy had come out and I was done

  • The worst date I have ever been on was I had to listen to the girl talk about seeing her parents after the first date then when I went to kiss her she backed off. This was when I was inexperienced.


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