He's texting me a lot everyday but he doesn't want to meet up?

So I've met this dude online, and he lives about an hour or 2 away from me. We chatted and Skyped online for about a week. He then suggested to drive down to see me and said that it's no pressure just a hang out. So we grabbed coffee, and I rather like him and he says likewise for him. Both of us mentioned to get together soon but never really specify a timeline. Then we'd just keep on texting for another 3 weeks after that coffee hang out session. During those weeks, I would causally bring up meeting up, he'd show enthusiasm but never really follow through. We still text and flirt everyday. But it just seems like that he just keeps on brushing the meet up off. He told me that he likes me and he's into me a bunch a couple of times though.

So... seriously, should I drop him? Don't really know if he's really interested or he's just liking the attention/ texting me because he's bored.


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  • He probably has a girlfriend or likes the attention your giving him.

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