How do I get rid of this guy?

I met a guy. Went on couple dates and found that he had a few issues like mental health wise. I had already told him where I work and he knows my phone number. I told him I didn't want to date and that he needed to get well first. Even I told him not to come by work he does every once in a while. He will call and text me even though I said I didn't want to talk. I don't want to make a scene at work by saying go away. And if I change my number he will just come by and say something.


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  • well you need to stop replying and block him. try ignoring for a while, and if he keeps at it, you need to straighten him out by telling him you want him to leave you alone. you are not feeling comfortable around him, and he keeps this up you will be calling the police.

    You don't need a stalker in your life.

    Be safe and good luck..

  • Threaten him with the cops then follow through...


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