Have you ever felt indifferent when it comes down to DATING??

I don't know what's wrong with me...maybe it just boils down to severe disappointment from the past,but I'm completely indifferent to a lot of guys I've been meeting as of late.I'm thinking that maybe its because my standards have changed?I'm not sure.But I'm just in a mode of not wanting to deal with any nonsense or deal with anyone less than what I actually want.

So have you ever felt indifferent towards dating?What were some of the reasons?


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  • This is a good question by the way, it's unique enough for me to give it 5 stars.

    To answer, Yah, I've been through spans of time where I simply wasn't very focused or interested in the guys around me.

    If you are very clear about what you want then you are bound to get annoyed to people who are messing around and playing games.

    • Ha,thanks for responding.I just thought to ask this because its sort of the spot I'm in right now.There are guys all around me that are asking or looking to go out,and I just don't think any of them are worth my time.The last two guys that took my number,one refused to call and make a proper date,so I never went out with him,and the other guy took a legit month to call and ask me out claiming he was busy.Eeeeeeee!Wrong again.Didn't go out with him either.I'm not sure if it just the guys in my

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    • I'm not sure if you mean I am lame in this situation,because I will only do so much if I recognize someones interest does not match mine.No one wants to have a guy who just TEXTS every single conversation.And if anyone settles for that,then that's a little pathetic.After contacting him,I figured it was HIS turn.Gotta have some amount of self respect.Secondly,the guy who decided to call after a MONTH,I didn't even have HIS digits.Now...THAT'S LAME.

    • The guy is lame.

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  • You're getting old and jaded. That's what happens when you exclusively lean on the dating scene and new faces enter through a revolving door. Superficial methods yield superficial results.

    It also could mean you haven't moved on from the last guy. I'm not sure what the reason may be, but you need to sort it out.

    I do feel that way whenever I'm alone but not because some girl owns me. I blame the method. A more organic approach to meeting people always works out better. Like, club scene hook-ups, dating sites, and blind dates are horrible. Building a relationship with someone who takes the same courses or shares the same interests/hobbies would be ideal. You need something to build on.

    My favorite dates are the ones you get from those unexpected encounters. Maybe you arr on the job or studying in a library when some really amazing guy shows up out of nowhere and at first sight you just know he's legit.

    • You must be joking about the old and jaded part.That sounds a little immature.I've moved on from the last person.The more I sit and think about this,I believe it is just my standards and the level of what I am willing to accept...I think that is what has ultimately changed.I'm not really understanding this pov you have provided because I'm not really seeking advice on how to find dates...there is no shortage of guys interested in me.I meet guys all of the time and everywhere.Its more about the

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    • Yes...now you sound VERY mmature and inexperienced for SURE with your follow up comments.Not even offensive because you're basing your very limited opinion,off of your over all lack of life experience and knowledge.Gosh,I love this site.You have no idea how old I actually am,yet you spew comments and words that are full of nothing other than ignorance.Handclaps for you sir.Pathetic at best.

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  • Sometimes I'm indifferent. I was like that for most of my teen years and I've always been single. But the last year or two I've felt ready to start dating if I meet a good guy.

  • I'm not sure if "indifferent towards dating" is the best to describe me but I'm not really looking for a relationship right now. For one thing there is a shortage of guys in my area/in my life and I'm only 19 so being in a relationship right now isn't very critical to me and I'd rather just enjoy my time in college hanging out with my friends and making good grades and stuff. I'm not into the casual dating scene and I'd only have a boyfriend if he was what I'm looking for in a relationship. That being said, I'm still working out exactly what it is I'm looking for and evaluating what really truly matters in a relationship and what doesn't. I think I could be a great girlfriend however I know that I'm a bit shy and insecure at times and I'm working on that. I can't exactly be loving, supportive, and forgiving during a tough time if I'm an emotional wreck, can i? ha ha

    I think its a good thing that you know what you want and that you're not going to waste your time with someone "just to be in a relationship" if they're really not going to make you happy in the long run. You want a quality guy and a quality relationship...and it'll come around one day.