She doesn't want to date but still wants to hang out and get to know me?

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I met this girl doing something I love, which is music, which is one of the things that really attracted me to her. Anyway, I really like her. We have been talking over Facebook and I asked her out. This is where it gets confusing. She told me that she wasn't looking to date right now and that her dad was really against it, but that she still wanted to hang out and get to know me. We've even set up "hangouts" with mutual friends. She even invited me to a surprise party that she's planning for her friend.

My question is, why would she say no to my date-proposal, but agree to hanging out and getting to know each other? Possibly even becoming "good friends". My thought was that it was to get around her dad, but I just want to see what gag has to say.


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  • She may just want to be good friends, or is interested but isn't ready for a relationship yet. It depends on the girl.


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  • One of two things are happening right now:

    1) She's letting you down easily but wants to be your friend

    2) She's keeping you on reserve so that, when she is able to date, you'll get a chance

    Which one is more likely? That's up to you to find out.