Ex wants to"keep in touch" but I'm still trying to get over it...

I met this guy late last year and we had been dating since then. He kept saying he wasn't dating anyone else but wouldn't actually call me his girlfriend or whatever and after a few months I found that he was still active on dating websites, probably still dating other girls, etc. Long story short we broke up a few months ago because his job transferred him out of state. Now he has been trying to keep in touch. I'm still angry with him because I feel like he played me even though he claims he never went out with anyone else. I'm wondering if severing all ties to him would help or if that would just be more drama...


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  • From what it sounds like, he seems like trouble. I have a friend who seems to have gone through with something like that... I think that, to keep yourself safe, it would be better to just... let him go. It seems that he didn't even really appreciate you. He's not worth it, and he doesn't deserve you.

    By the way, also, it would only create more drama if you let it. If he keeps persisting, then he obviously doesn't care for you much either, otherwise he would be taking your feelings into consideration. Just... be careful not to let his "charm" or whatever, interfere with what you know is good for you. I hope everything goes well.


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