Going from texting to calling?

Okay so there is this girl that I have been in contact with mainly through texting. I called her once which was the very first contact between us, since I got her number. The thing is I don't know what to say when I call. This happens every time I think about it like okay I have to call, but what do I say. Another thing is we are supposed to go on a date this weekend, so I am also a little nervous about that. If I am having a hard time trying to call her due to not knowing what to say.

Maybe someone can give me some ideas of how to get to know a girl better, and some topics to talk about especially since we haven't gone on our first date yet.


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  • okay on your date you should talk about movies something she likes ask her but don't how your nervous are desperate don't call too much kinda annoying and by the way find out a gift to give her how to get a good gift depends on her personality


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