How do I get him to kiss me first ?

Ok well there's this guy I like a lot and he knows and I ever since I told him he's been touchy saying I look good and pretty , also hugging me and stuff . Now when when my friend asked him if he liked me he said its not a no and it not yes . So I'm guessing since all this stuff happen after is a good sign? But my main question is OK I never kissed anyone before and I really want to kiss him but I'm to scared to make the first move. So how do I hit to him that I want him to kiss me first? What do I have to do ? How can I tell he wants to kiss?


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  • I don't know if there is a correct answer to your question. I have never heard of any one making another kiss them. But your best bet is for you to take the plunge cause he sound like he not sure of the relationship.


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