It's late at night (1am) you have two choices?

Would you prefer to have your boyfriend/girlfriend Facebook chatting with someone of the opposite (who they've flirted with while you two were I'm a relationship) or texting them?

The new Facebook chat thing is an instant private chat thing. I can chat with someone on my cellphone because the message pops up like a text.

  • I'd rather him/her Facebook chat the person (private chat).
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  • Id rather him/her text the person.
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  • They are basically the same thing.
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  • Idk either way it's not good. I'm not fimilar with the new Facebook chat but it seem the same.


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  • i really wouldn't be in love with the idea of them communicating with someone of the opposite sex at that hour of night . I'd have no issue during the day but night would lead me to become suspious of his or her's intentions

    • I'd be okay with it if the freaking conversation was appropriate. He always acts as if he has to cater to every girl. He said he speaks to her at 1,2 or even 3 am because HE SAYS "she sees me online and sends me a message so I have to respond. Facebook chatting is impersonal so It's fine to do this."

      But come on! Just because It's impersonal doesn't mean you can flirt like a madman with some woman who have embarrassed me to in the past -__-

  • It doesn't really matter. You have to trust your boyfriend and if he is not the type of guy you would trust then you need to find someone that you can trust.

    • Hmmm. It's more about respect than trust.

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    • I am talking about him

    • Now I'm confused...

  • who cares big deal.

    • I see that "I wouldn't care who my girlfriend talks to, when, or how she talks to them" should have been an option.

  • Well isn't it the same thing then? I don't see what's the difference.

    • I consider it the sane thing, yes. I absolutely think so.

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