How do I know if he will still love me after he's gone to his home town?

He was my customer at my business place, My friends are his friends too, one night He went to my house he told my guy friend that he wants to stay with us for the night drink beers and stuff, that night He confess that he' has a crush on me, and that he likes me a lot, he ask me if its OK to hold my hand, I said yes, until he kissed me and we cuddle and kiss, he kiss my lips my hand, my forehead, my chick, my neck, my nose he even bite my arms, but we cuddled he ask me to give him a reason for him to stay, because the following day he'll be going back to his home town, I said we'll try, and he kiss me again until he went home, that morning before his flight he came here but I didn't talk to him, until now, he's in his town now.. we had no cellphone contacts, but we are fb buddys in's been a day since he left, do you think he really has feelings for me? he also told me to wait for him, he also said don't date others guys while he's gone.. I'm so confuse because we didn't talk yet about us" do you think he'll call me or chat w/me soon?

just yesterday he told me he loves me <3 :)


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  • Yes, he still likes you.

    Trust him, and trust that everything will be for the best. And things will work on your way.


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