On and off texting and mixed signals, ask what's going on?

Bit of a long-ish one but here it goes...

I have been talking to with a girl the past few months and lately its just been really off. I try to text her and start a conversation and I get flat messages, I get discouraged then stop messaging her...then she will start messaging me the next day. Some days there is some decent communcation, but most of the time its not. We have both said that we like each other...but it just seems like that's not what's going on.

Should I ask her what her plans or thoughts are between us or our relationship? I'm thinking I would literally ask "I was just wondering where you would like for this relationship to go" and see if I can get some sort of direct answer from it.


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  • I think your right for feeling the way you do.I would too.you seem like you know what to do.stick with your plan.and follow your heart as we'll as what your gut is telling you.


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