Girls, what do you think is the perfect first date?

I always do random things on my dates, and I am always told how fun they are, but nothing ever comes around afterward. So I'm wondering what do girls like for their first date to be?


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  • To be honest, the setting is very rarely the issue. It's why there's a plethora of stories which begin with a coffee or a drink at a bar. How you handle the situation is what really counts.

    When a large number of dates don't come to fruition, you want to have a good reflection on your behavior . A girl rarely tells her girlfriend, 'Oh my god, I met the most handsome, wonderful charming guy however we only went for coffee so it's a no go'. It's always about how you have interacted with the other person.

    One important thing to note is that the whole point of a date is to signal interest. Don't be afraid of the girl seeing you as somebody sexual however you want to make sure this isn't overpoweringly communicated. Subtle things like clever innuendos followed by a cheeky smile and some eye contact is the perfect way of saying to her, 'Look, I'm into you and unashamed of it'. Make sure you can come good if she escalates though because, after all, there's nothing more awkward than you giving off all the right signals, her calling you in on it and then you chickening/freaking out.

    Be masculine, be bold, be attractive!

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