Texted me out of the blue? why?

I went on a date with this guy a while ago, I thought things were going great. We talked everyday and connected. Then we had made plans, he canels last min then ignores my texts. A week later he texts me saying he is sorry but he wasn't looking for a relationship. 1) Why did he bother texting me then? He knows I would like one and I don't really see us being friends. 2) Why did he tell me in the begining that he was looking for a relationship?


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  • Well, in my opinion, it's a decent thing of him to do to text you and plainly tell you why he cancelled plans. At least he had enough respect for you to point out that he is not interested in a relationship - trust me, that is way better than being completely and blatantly ignored! And to answer your second question, maybe he just wasn't sure how to tell you in the beginning? May be that he thought you were looking for a short term fling/friends deal just as he was. It may not be the most comfortable topic to bring up what you want out of a date (relationship vs. friends/taking things slow) on the first date.

    So take this as a learning experience and move on! Best of luck to you!

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