Is this guy at all interested or just playing me?

I met a guy at a party just over a month ago and we made a date to catch up for coffee. He is very gorgeous and charming so I wasn't surprised to hear from a few people I know that he has a reputation for being a player and sleeping with many different girls.

But I'm at a stage in life where I'm in between jobs still trying to figure stuff out so I am not sure what I want anyway so I thought maybe there's not harm in hanging out with the guy and seeing.

We ended up meeting up at a night club that weekend and I went home with him. I was feeling regretful the next day because of his reputation but he acted quite sweet and cute about it all and texted me all the next day and every day for a while after with little jokes between us etc. We had a couple more dates after that but not really anything formal just last minute plans. The weird thing is that he didn't try make much of a move on me on these dates - we only kissed. I was confused since I heard he was such a player. I wondered if maybe he did want to get properly get to know me. We did sleep together a couple more times but I initiated those meetings by asking him to meet up at drinks or my house.

I stopped hearing so much from so thought maybe he had lost interest. I saw him with another girl and he text me with a story trying to cover up the fact he had been with this other girl. After that he's texted me a little but hasn't asked me to hang out again.

I have seen him out on the town a couple of times in the weekend but we only have a flirt and have a quick chat don't keep hanging out. I sort of ditched him one night because I didn't want to feel like I was following him around when I wasn't sure if he wanted to see me or not. Last night I saw him again but we were both going different ways with friends and he gave me a big hug and was holding my hand and said something about the timing always being bad when we see each other. I texted him today to see how his night went but didn't get much of a response.

I'm feeling like he's just not that interested but then I wonder if he feels I ignore him a bit when I see him out.

Any advice on what his behavior sounds like? Why would he bother to be so sweet at first and text me at all if he's not going to want to hang out again?


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  • Hnm..i think that he wants a higher reputation for being a player! I hate guys like that!

  • he sounds like a player who got what he wanted and moved on, maybe you are a possible option for a future hookup but that's all