How do I have a good first kiss?

I am 22 and never been kissed... I am terrified of being a bad kisser after my date, and I don't wanna tell him its my first kiss cause its embarrassing so how do I do this... how do I kiss :(


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  • Honestly, it's really hard to screw up a kiss. You just put your lips together, press against him, and maybe a little suction, or not, your choice. But yeah, really, a bad kiss is super rare. Spectacularly difficult to screw up.

    You just try, and then you modify it. If you by some bizarre stroke did something wrong, just laugh it off, and say, "oops, let's try that again" and then you try that again. You'll both have a laugh, and it will be some cute little story in the back of both your minds. You don't have anything to be embarrassed about. This is fine. I'm sure a lot of guys might think it's cute.

    As for the other thing. If you don't want to tell him it's a first kiss, just say that you don't kiss much. Something like that isn't really a lie, nor a stretch of the truth. It just misleads. But this is all.

    You'll be fine. Don't worry.

    • in movies it looks like one lip is aove the other like my lips go above his lips? :( what if I hit his teeth or something

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    • Anyway, as for if you bump his teeth. That's an example of what I'm talking about. You just sort of back up a second, say "oops, sorry, are you alright?" and try again. Trust me, It's only a minor inconvenience at best.

    • Or rather, "at worst" I mean.

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  • Make your first kiss short, relaxed and happy rather than trying to make it sexy.

  • Let it happen naturally, you'd be surprised how easy it is.

    Most importantly enjoy the moment!

  • i know the feeling :(


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