Ladies would you ever date your male friend?

Why or why not? Have you tried before? How did it workout for you?


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  • My best guy friend is amazingly sweet, funny, cute and a great guy. I'd go out with him if he didn't have a girlfriend. Heck, people ask if we are dateing. We're so close and all.


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  • it is a tricky one... what if it doesn't work out? might lose a good friend... plus male friends know more secrets than potential boyfriends... one of my closest friends who I really valued as a friend... ok I was attracted to him as well but the fact he had always been with other girls plus he kept saying the other friend of ours were pretty hot made me believe that we were just friends...5 years later before the graduation I found from one of the other close friends that my male friend had a huge crush on me... surprised, shocked, excited... I really liked the guy otherwise I would not be his friend. I only wished he told me earlier and himself too so that I would not share all the stuff that good friends share like dreams relationship issues etc... it was awkward to say the least. we spent some time going out and trying to get to know each other in a new way... and then he disappeared, and never called me and then life happened and I moved the country and he died 4 years ago... well at least we gave that a go!

    • Yea maybe he knew he was sick and didn't want you to stress over it and sorry to hear that.

  • No because were way to close for that.

    • What do you mean by that?

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    • Nice answer. Let me ask you this...what's the difference between your best Guy friend and your boyfriend?

    • my guy best friend is like my girl best friend we can tell each other anything.. we can have sleepovers.. we can talk for ages but there is deffs no intention of starting anything with him because there are no feelings and even if there was feelings I wouldn't act on it :)

      And my bofriend there's intentions of being his girl forever someone I get butterfiles with and I get excited being with him and if I had a sleepover with him it would cuddling but with the guy friend no thank you..step away mate:)

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  • Most will not date their male friend, with few exceptions. The qualities that a girl looks for in a man are usually lacking in male friends, meaning that most female friend keep their relationships with their male friends strictly platonic.

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