Bothered, any suggestions why?

I have been dating this man for 2 months now, (Known him for 8 months.)

A guy at work said he has noticed the man I am dating checking out his g/f. That he got weird vibes from him and that his girlfriend feels uncomfortable around the one I am seeing.

Now the man I am seeing has never gaven me the weird feeling or impression. In the 2 months he has never check out someone in front of me or be disrespectful, etc.(He actually is the only guy that has treated me so well)

I did see him check out/look at this guys girlfriend once. We were not dating at the time so it doesn't matter.

I don't understand why its bothering me? I am confident in myself and trust him, I think its because this person at work thinks this of him? Any suggestions?


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  • From personal experience the thing which is too sweet to belive it not real. I mean seriously its been only two month since you guys are dating. every guy would treat her girl with lots of love and respect in beginning. you only get to know the real person after a few months pass maybe 6 to 7 months. trusting someone on basis of being in a relationship for just two months is a big noo. get to know him well first and then trust him. Or just go out with a guy for a few times trust him and BHAMM! feel broken(thinking why do I trust people this easily).