Is it wrong for us to be together?

Is it wrong or looked down upon if you were dating someone who could be considered your cousin?

We are not blood related. His mom has been dating my uncle for a few years now but will never get married due to legal issues. I don't feel that it is wrong for us to date but it does bother him a little bit. He is more hesitant on telling people that we are together because he thinks that they will judge us and won't accept our relationship. I really care a lot about him and want to be with him and I know he has a lot of feelings for me but I feel like this is kind of standing in the way of us moving forward.


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  • No-don't live you lives by other people's opinions-you're not blood related. I know someone who is dating her step brother-they were going out before their parents where and they didn't see why they should have to split up and they aren't bothered what people think. You should be the same-go for it!

  • Well if you aren't blood related or even related by marriage then I don't see a problem. You need to talk to him about it because if he is having problems with it then you could get hurt in the long run. Hope this helps.

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