Ex doesn't want to chat.

Dated this girl for about a month.I came over uninvited one night because I lost all my keys to my apt and had nowhere to go.I've slept over her place maybe like 5 times in the past and didn't think it would of been totally uncalled for.So I banged her window to get her attention.She let me in and let me cuddle and sleep next to her.But in the morning she totally flip and has been giving me the cold shoulder ever since. She sent me a text saying that she doesn't think that she can go past the fact what I did. I tried to send her a text a few days later and she said not to contact her. Then I noticed a day later that she blocked me on fb. Its been 5 days since I last sent that text, and I'm having the urge to speak with her. What should I do? Will she ever contact me? I really liked this girl and I feel that she has cut me off without really giving me a chance to make up or anything.


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  • You are lucky that she even let you in that night.

    She is your Ex, it sounds like you really should just leave her alone.


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