Where could this be going?

So, I have been talking to this guy for about a month. I met him at my best guy friends concert (they are best friends) and he kind of started flirting with me towards the end of the night and asked if he could kiss me. I was taken by surprise and I said yes. We have been in contact since, and have gone on a few dates. He came to visit me last week and taken by surprise again he hasn't tried jumping down my pants. He told me he didn't want to rush nothing and that he respected me. He also said he really likes spending time with me and he will keep spending time with me. After we said our goodbyes for winter break, he has texted me little things saying how he is missing me and he started calling me babe and that he wishes I was there with him. I honestly have no clue where this is going or what he is thinking? I've dated guys who are very immature and I know that a lot of guys are but this one feels different to me. He even wanted to meet my grandmother on our 2nd date (who I currently live with) which was very shocking to me since I have never dated anyone who wanted to be that close with my family... so... HELP.. does this sound like it's going or not going? I don't know?!


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  • I think you might be over thinkin things just a bit. I think he likes you and is interested. Try to enjoy where you are at right now, because you only have the present. Don't you want to enjoy it?

    • for sure! I know I am and I shouldn't be. Thanks :)

  • take things slow, just like he is doing. I believe that your over thinking things which will only cause issues in the furture. he seems mature but don't over assume things either just take one step at a time that's all you can do. he seems to be into you but over thinking or assuming stuff my wreck it for him. so enjoy this, and take one step at a time.