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So I've been doing online dating for some time. Every now and then I write a message or two to somebody that I really think I fit with. They were nothing crazy, mentioning some common interests, ask a question or two, etc. usually at the very least the person checks my profile out, even if they don't respond. Not really a big deal either way, it's not like I'm desperate to get into anything as my life is fairly busy as is.

But I came across the profile of this one woman, and it's just like "wow". I actually hesitated writing a message because part of me doesn't want to screw it up. Could use some female perspective on what I should write here? Is there anything that's going to improve my odds here?

Also, it's not creepy or weird that an online profile impacted me this way right?


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  • First off, it's definitely not creep that the profile impacted you. That's the point of online dating. But if you really do care about her, do something that will grab her attention. If the profile impacted you so strongly, you can be sure you have some competition out there, and you DON'T want to be "just another guy". Get her number, first and foremost. In a simple message, let her know how much her profile impacted you (don't be too honest or open, keep some mystery), but get that number out of her ASAP. Then call her. Don't text her. Call her. It's sure to make an impact, and it will be much easier for her to realize how great of a guy you are sooner, and you will get to know her much faster and grab her attention and interest. Good luck.


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