Mixed signals, no text nor calls form her. Yet she always talks to me at work and seems interested.....

i met this girl at work. she flirted with me so I asked her if she liked me, she said yes. so I told her I thought she was cute too so we should see each other (as she told me she would like to take things slow.) After coming to this, I tired texting her and at first she did text me back, in a reasonable time span. it wasn't until 1.5 weeks later that she never bothered to reply at the text I texted her, nor did she bother to call me. So after 3 weeks I talked to her in person. I brought that up and that it seemed like she wasn't interested anymore, she said "sorry I'm really bad at that" but never said that she wasn't interested nor that she would try to text me or call me. she hugged me goodbye and form what I gathered, to me, it seems like she still wishes to see each other.

and here is the what just bugs me about this situation. She talks to me at work but never does she attempt text me "hi" or even call me unless its work related (which happened twice). something to note is, I asked her to hang out twice in person and she agreed, and asked what days I as off, both times we didn't get to see each other. the second time was the last time I bothered to try again (bc) that day she ended up having to stay at school but she never bothered to text me earlier and tell me "hey I can't make it today something came up, nor did she bother to say "hey lets, reschedule" now this Sunday I'm planing on asking her out as one last attempt, if this fails I'm just going to assume she really doesn't like me, is avoiding me, or is indecisive about us. although two days ago I invited her to a party a coworker was trowing and she agreed to come, she did show up but we talked for a bit and laughed and whatnot but never really got closer as in sitting with each other or make people know we were together there, my reason was because we haven't even dated yet I'm not going to make it seem like she's mine, if she inst, I don't know her reasons for not attempting to approach me as more than a acquaintance when she clearly knows I like her and wouldn't avoid her if she got close. whatever the reason I'm ready to call it quits, but I don't want to do this if that isn't the case. part of me is like maybe she really does suck at texting but the other part thinks otherwise.

have in mind that when I texted her, it was once every other day with no reply's from her ever. I did ask her about the second attempt to hang out and said she was sorry and that she thought it was to late to reply to my message when she read it...

so since the day I brought up the texting thing with her, I haven't texted her once, nor called her hoping she would text me at some point, but hasn't... we see each other at work almost 4 times a week but don't really get to talk a lot or progress from here we are. she says,"i hate it when people beat around the bush", and here I am getting mixed signals from her, if she doesn't like me or isn't interested anymore, why agree to see me or come to a party that I invited hertoo.

btw, after the party, we both sleep at a friends house, she passed out on his couch and I did too.nothing sexual happened because I'm not the kind of person to take advantage of someone while they are drunk. (I was drunk too)

also I'm sure she isn't talking to other guys or is the kind of girl that talks to multiple guys when she's talking to someone.


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  • Im sorry to tell you mate she isn't interested... you made the school boy error of telling her you liked her. In future never tell a woman how you feel about them. Once they discover you like them, they happen to overlook you for what ever reason. the easiest thing to do is let her go. However if you really like her then your going to have to start turning the tables... this means getting her to show most interested in her rather than the other way round

    the first step id take is avoiding her at work.. keep it civil if you ever you come into connect with her though. and progress from there really

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