Why does it take him so long to reply to texts?

When this guy and I first started talking he texted me nonstop, then it turned in to responses after a half hour...then an hour. Today I didn't get a response at all. He planned a second date and I was telling him when I was going to be in town so we could set the day...and nothing. I'm giving him 24 hours to respond (but he doesn't know, I'm just counting it down to myself) if he doesn't then I'm done. If he can't even respond to me in that amount of time then he's not worth it. I already HATE texting, and love phone calls more...but I tried to let it go and be more open minded. Kind of mad at him after he brought a male friend along on our first date, and this was his second chance.


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  • I hate it when guys take so long to reply. Maybe he's busy though. But yeah give him a day, if he takes longer than that...tell him that you have made other plans. That will let him know not to take his time

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