What to do if a girl stopped talking to you after she was crazy about you?

Well back in October This girl that I had a thought that she liked me sent me a message on Facebook. We started talking to each other and I started to really like her. We talked every day up until a couple weeks ago. We hungout once and it was the best day of the whole year :3 Ever since then I've been crazy about her. She said she wanted to hang out again but wanted to wait a bit because of something happening at her house. So a couple weeks ago I asked her if she wanted to hang out again and she said she didn't know and that she was so confused with everything and that she didn't want to start liking someone a lot and then have to leave. She is leaving in February for 3 months to go do a program somewhere. I just agreed to it and said OK and then she started getting mad saying I don't have to be all moody about it? All I did was agree with it? Anyways she didn't talk to me the next day and then in the morning she said she had texted me the night before to make things better but I never recieved a text ! She then said she needed time to herself. SO fine I let it be for about a week. All I could thing about was her, so I knew she was following me on twitter so I started expressing my feelings. She then texted me the other day asking if the tweets were about her. I said ehh maybe. I told her how I felt and she said I don't want to like someone a lot to only leave them for 3 months. Then what got me confused was she said I only stopped talking to you because I new I would like you so much more than I already did. What does this mean? I'm so confused I really like her and I'm sure I can wait till she gets back but I didn't want to stop talking to her completely :(

Ok I guess I should just give her space then? Its just so hard because I want to talk to her so much! I Keep seeing on her tweet that she's always bored and just now she posted "so bored someone text me :(" Like I want to but just afraid that I will ruin anything we might have. What do you think I should do ?


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  • I kinda got a little confused when reading but I'll give as much advice as I could. Anyways, about the liking thing, I think what she meant was because she's gonna be leaving for 3 months she doesn't really want to get caught up in catching feelings for someone. Maybe she has her mind set on other things and doesn't want to get distracted by thinking of a guy. And because she caught more feelings than she intended, it kind of took her off guard.

    Now about the text message, when you agreed with her about the program I think she took it as if you we're mad. Sometimes in text messages girls take things the wrong way. Why? Maybe its the way words are written? I don't know. You should have just explained to her that you weren't mad and that's just how you text.

    I know you like her but maybe you just need to give her time. If you constantly keep pushing yourself to her when she doesn't want you to be, the further she's going to be towards u.

    I must say, It's obvious she does like you because if she didn't, she wouldn't had cared about what were tweeting. Just wait and see what happens. Tell her how you feel and then back off. Whatever she does with your words is what she does with it. It's all up to her because you've done your part.


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  • Well, since she is going away for a couple months, give her a rest for a while and when she comes back, maybe you could try to talk to her again. She probabally doesn't want to start a relationship yet because she's leaving for a while.

  • There was a person I really seemed to get along with online for a while until something massive happened in my life and I shut off anyone who wasn't a close relative. I had to regroup completely and didn't want to drag new/tentative friendships along with me. Things are fine now, but I felt it was awkward to go back and ask about certain people after that.


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