What is the difference in hanging out as friends and hanging out as potentially getting into a relationship?

Guys and girls can answer if you know, what are the differences with guys when they hang out with girls they are already friends with as FRIENDS ONLY, and when they are wanting to hang out with them to get to know them and see a potential relationship?

I know that flirting is one thing but some guys and girls flirt so much its not really considered flirting to them...so what are the other reasons?


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  • when I hang out with my guy friends

    its like we're comfortable around each other

    n& we just talk about whatever

    but if its with a potential

    then we would try to get to know each other,

    flirt, have a good time, etc.

  • oo this is a hard one. yes it can be pretty hard to tell if a guy friend likes you or not when you're already friends with him. I know because I've only dated guys that are my friends. and me and all my friends are flirting constantly. when the guy is hanging out as just friends he might not pay too much attention to you. if he's trying to get to know you then you should be the or one of the main people he turns to to talk.