If a guy texts "miss you" several times a week, is that from the heart or is he just saying it?

An old friend and I text everyday several times a day. We get together when we can which isn't often, maybe once every 2 months or so. Recently he ended a text with "miss you" and did that several times during the week. Was it something he was just saying or does he honestly miss me when we can't find time to see each other ?


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  • I miss sitting around with my friends. If you have know each other for a while he is probably telling you that he misses being with you and is nostalgic. Maybe he had feelings in the past and just want to see you to find out if the feelings are still there. See him and find out his intentions.


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  • It's funny you asked this question , Because I've a friend that I text that too . I would text miss you or miss you already , But I only see him in the summer . So every time he comes back , He will say you miss me . And I always wanted to know what that meant , It's funny how people can say the same thing to each other , But a little differently but the meaning means the same . So yeah , No one will take out time to say I miss you unless they mean it . It's normally two options , Either they miss you , Or they want something from you . Like buttering you up .

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