I never had contact with guys!

Okay here's my story

It never happened to me like to most of the girls that a guy texts me or wants my number. (I don't have Facebook or any other social site and I am an introverted chick so I know its even harder for people to talk to me). And I apparently don't look too ugly (I was asked out to model but I refused cause I don't like it cause I am shy and don't like the camera)

But is that normal that no guy ever tried to get to know me better and text me and stuff? I am nearly 20 years old and I never had a boyfriend. I am afraid I won't ever find anybody...

What can I do?

Oh and maybe this helps ( a guy in my class hugged two friends of mine but me he didn't hug which made me really sad and the girls told me afterward that he was so intimidated by me, people ALWAYS say I am intimidating) what can I do to change? It f***s me up emotionally!


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  • Work on your non-verbal cues. You probably look stuck-up and totally unwelcoming based on lack of eye-contact, defensive posture, and turned shoulders. Smiles are key.

    You also need to speak up. Even if the words are cheesy and stale, say something. Let guys know you acknowledge them.

    If you want guys to approach you, you've gotta welcome the attention. Square your shoulders, make eye contact, smile, greet, and be open. That's how we socialize as human beings. You gotta suck it up and do it.


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