Is she interested into me?

alright, so here's the situation, there's this girl at my school that I find attractive. She always says hi to me when she sees me, but when I go talk to her she gets really shy. I also talk to her on Facebook, but she never texts me first, but when I text her first we chat for at least two hours. She also pokes me a lot on Facebook. I really think she likes me, but then again why doesn't she text first and why is she so shy in person?


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  • hahaha I can totally relate to this. I can text the guy I like (and likes me) for hours on end, but can't say a thing to him at school when I see him. if your possible girlfriend is anything like me, she is kind of scared of talking to anyone period, and having it be someone she likes makes it even worse. if you want her to be less shy, I suggest you try asking her about her day/weekend/activities/hobbies/pets. stuff like that but don't just say "hey, how was your day?" try saying something about your day or cat or something and that will help her ease into the conversation. keep on doing this, pretty soon, she'll start talking more and (maybe!) even initiate conversation.

    as of not texting you first, I'd say she just doesn't know how to start a conversation.


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