Embarassing text situation with crush! HELP?

As we all know texts don't let us hear someone's tone if they're using sarcasm or not... well I ended up getting hugely embarrassed today.

We're teens in HS by the way and this girl rejected me and wants to be friends BUT she texts me a lot and talks to me a lot.. so I'm hoping she's feeling something. Anyway:

Me: (Sends teasing joke about her height)

Her: And with that this friendship is over

Me: WTF! You know what? I was tired of being "just" your friend anyway. I have way too strong feelings for you to be just your friend, so good bye and I wish you the best in the future

Her: I didn't get all of that text

Her: Nvm got it all

Me: Wait so are you actually serious? if so.. it was fun talking to ya while it lasted

Her: it's OK I understand. But I was only kidding! (In response to my ranting text above)

Her: I'm not mad, only confused!

Me: OK just forget this whole thing even happened... so how'd your day go?

Then we just chatted the rest of the day as if nothing happened. But I think I displayed some major insecurities and don't think I can ever fix my image. Should I back off? Or just continue texting her and "playing it cool"?

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  • If you're asking what the best strategy to get her to like you is... there is none. She doesn't. You can play it cool, but you already told her how you feel, multiple times from the sound of it, and this latest one was bitchy and insecure. Take it as a lesson, and don't become friends with girls when friendship isn't what you want.

    Or keep giving her a bunch of attention and acting boyfriendy and getting drained from reading too much into her text messages. It's just going to hurt your chances with other girls, ones you could have a clean slate with, and make things progressively weirder between you and her. Then maybe someday when she's bored and lonely she'll throw you some table scraps and you'll lower yourself by accepting them.

    I have had friends maintain a crush for *years* when they could have been out dating and happy. It's dangerous, and it only stops when you gather your courage and let go. My best advice, harsh as it sounds, is to quit indulging yourself and give yourself the chance to be happy without hanging onto the nonexistent chance that you'll be together, because assuming she's a normal, healthy girl, the only way you could possibly be together is if she knew for sure that you won't turn into a needy wreck around her, but right now, you do.

    • Well it's not really bitchy and insecure to cut off a friendship if your feelings are too strong...

      but I do agree with you somewhat. I'm not exactly stubborn, but I ALWAYS leave my options open. So I guess since the balls in her court... yet again... ill talk to her still but not go outa my way.

      Maybe ill even cut down contact and see if she notices? :P

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  • in the future, always put 'lol' or 'jk' at the end of a sarcastic message, that's what I do lol. if you feel bad about it or something, I'd apologize formally, but if you don't and she seems cool with it, I'd just drop it.

  • Lmao...LMAO...!. Crazy kids smh.

    • I KNOW :(

      she has a habit of acting cold over a text as a joke... but the thing is she didn't text back for an hour so that's why it seemed so realistic! XD

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    • Actually if you read the bottom, me and her chatted the rest of the day as if nothing happened. But I feel like I gave away a bad and insecure image of myself... so should I refrain from talking to her for a bit? or just keep talking as if nothings wrong?

    • Just keep at it like nothing happen I wouldn't mind if she don't, you know no matter what vibe you think you gave off, she didn't notice it like that..she's looking at it like awww that's cute he really likes me. Trust me if she's stool talking to you and not acting funny.. Your good.if you start acting weird is when she gonna start judging you.

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