Girl that I just started dating?

Okay for me normally when I start dating a girl that I like there are times when I am nervous and get that butterfly feeling. Even after the first date whenever I think about calling them or about to go on another date (or even see them and think about them I would get that butterfly feeling) with them that feeling is still there. Now I went on a first date with a girl, I had those same feelings when I first called her and went on the first date. We are supposed to go on a second date, but the only thing that I am feeling now is the nervousness (this is due to me not knowing what to say and questions to ask her, and maybe trying to find something nice to wear). The butterfly feeling is gone and it's like okay we are cool and I like her. I don't know if this is natural, because I have never really been in a serious relationship (even now between me the girl and I it is not a serious relationship). Just need some advice, maybe someone can explain what I am feeling.


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  • You like her, .. And it's the anxiety getting to you it happens to all of us, your not alone. Just try to relax I know easier said than done. But no need for you to feel week appease that anxious you got the lady already. You can relax a little. I bet you she's going threw the same thing. See. Take it easy you will be fine


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