Tryin to figure this guy out?

So I can't tell about this guy at work. I'm his supervisor and he has been wanting extra hours. So any time we could use somebody I will text him. He always answers within three min of my texting and will always end with a good luck or I wish I could be there or something if he can't come in and I tell him no problem. Sometimes he asks me other random things about work like do I think we will be busy the next day, how is the night going etc. I really like him, but I am not going to make a move obviously due to my position. So is that a normal way to be if you were talking to work or not?


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  • He is being too polite to be serious yet. Don't close the door on him too soon. Remember he lives by the same fraternization rules you do. Also remember he will get fired first. If he starts to heat it up be upfront with him and tell him what will have to happen for you to see him. You both will need your jobs if it works or not.

    • Yeah he's just very confusing if you have seen my other questions about trying to figure him out.

    • I think the fact that all the major signals I keep getting are that he could be interested OR just trying to be a really good employee are the worst.

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