Have I lost my mojo?

So, I used to be a pro at picking up girls. I'll admit, I was a bit of a player. I could take a girl on a date and almost guarantee that it would end with no less than a kiss. I'm not a bad person though, I was just a bit of a Don Juan.

After a few years though, I really do want a real girlfriend. I'm ready for something more long term. It's just I seem to be so burnt out on dating that I don't know how to anymore.


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  • You haven't lost anything. You just were dating to seduce before, now you're dating for something long term. Try treating girls like they are your friends but do little things for them to let them know you still think of them as a girl. This kind of dating will be more personal and less shallow and that means opening yourself up more. In a way it's easier because you can be yourself more and not have to put on an act, but it can also be harder because you have more chances of getting hurt when you put your true self out there.

    • That's the thing though. I've always been a bit of a ladies man, and have usually had more female friends than male friends. I look out for all of them all the time even if I don't plan on dating them.

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    • I'm not looking to get married or anything. Just a real girlfriend.

    • well girls who want to be someone's real girlfriend are looking for a guy who will give them some kind of commitment and security in a relationship. that's kinda what makes them a real girlfriend...vs friends with benefits or a hook up.

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  • Brahh lets pick up chicks I show you the ropes. JK. Its a different game than it was a few years ago. Act how you want your girl will act be sincer smile shake hands instead of hugs. Even yes ma'am through the conversation helps

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