I am deathly afraid of crying in front of him, guys what do you think about this?

My parents were and are very wonderful. However, I never saw affection in my family, I never saw my parents kissing or hugging and they rarely kissed or hugged me. I always had an incredible need to give and receive affection, but also found it very difficult to get close to people and open up to a relationship.

I met a great guy 4 months ago. He is super cute, sweet, wonderful, loving, smart, hot, sexy, everything. He doesn´t know he is my first boyfriend because we agreed when we first met that the past is not important.

The problem is that he is VERY loving, he loves cuddling me, holding me, kissing me, snuggling up against me, holding my hand, etc...

I LOVE this, but most of the time, while he is doing this, I try so hard to hold back tears. It gets me really emotional because I never really received affection before. He gave me my first kiss, he was the first guy to hold my hand, the first person to hug me for more than a second...

and I just get too emotional and I know that one of these days I´m not going to suceed and I´m going to cry all over him. If it happens, what should I tell him? Won´t he be freaked out?

Guys, what do you think about this?


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  • Sounds like you really need a sweet, caring and loving guy like him. I think that if he's like that, that you have actually nothing to worry about. He will take care of you.

    You should tell him the truth. When a guy has all those characteristics you mentioned he will understand you.

    Take it from me, because I also like to cuddle, hold my girlfriend, her hand, just be close to her, and I listen and try to understand what she tells me and I always try to make her feel comfortable so she doesn't have to be embarrassed about anything. I mean, I don't like it if my girl cries because it makes me sad, but I'll always take care of her tears. And your guy sounds like he will do just that.


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  • He'd be glad that he got you out of your confinement. That'll be a proud moment to him, had you told why you're crying like a baby all of a sudden.

  • Awwww...he won't freak out. Don't worry about it.

    He might hug a little tighter and for longer at that time.


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  • It sounds like we grew up in the same house. It took years for me to build up my walls so no one could hurt me. I am seen a tough individual but am actually extremely soft. My now fiance broke through those walls and it wasn't easy for me as showing emotion was always a sign of weakness in my eyes but I let him in and told him all my sorrid secrets and let the tears flow and I can safely say I never felt so free and loved before in my life. It is a great moment when you realize you can cry and sob in front of someone who doesn't judge you and hates seeing you hurt

    • Thats a great answer, thank you very much, I totally understand you

  • I think this whole post is extremely dramatic. "Deathly afraid of crying"? LOL, chill lol, it's okay to cry. Stop making it out to be some huge deal.

    • It is a big deal under those specified psychological state. Don't try to act too smart without analyzing it properly.

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    • The way she speaks is very dramatic. You guys need to stop babying her. She is 18 to 24 who had "very wonderful parents growing up" so stop acting like she's one of those poor, defensless dogs off of the ASPCA commercials lol So she never had affection? Me too. My parents were never extremely affectionate although they did lots of other things to make me feel like the luckiest girl alive. You don't see me on GAG with some sob storybeing dramatic.

    • My mother's parents never showed her affection and my father's dad abused him terribly and his mother wasn't affectionate so that's the parental behavior they passed down to me. They weren't physically affectionate but excelled in so many other ways. This chick wasn't raised in poverty, she didn't suggest physical or sexual abuse so stop coddling her and acting like you're prepared to give her warm milk and breast feed her next lol! QA, you're too dramatic for me to take you seriously.

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