What little things do you notice about girls on a first date?

And what catches your intention in a good way? Just subtle things that you like for girls to do on a first date. Also, how can I incorporate some subtle flirting? I want him to know that I'm definitely interested.

He's a guy that works in the same building I do. We met about a month ago, and since then he's always said hi how are you etc to me when he sees me. Today I took the chance to say hi to him first, and we made a lot of eye contact when he was walking away. Right after, he messaged me on Facebook and asked me to get lunch sometime!

I've definitely had my eyes on him since we met, so it's super exciting that he actually asked me out. I know to be myself of course, but I really want to grab his attention too!


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  • Look him straight in the eyes and be involved in the conversation - *listening* to what he says and participating, adding your own anecdotes. Don't monopolize the conversation, but don't make him carry it.

    Yeah, it's obvious, but it's also one that too many people overlook.

    By the way, congrats!