The MANigma - Is he not interested or just shy?

Me and a guy have been dating for 2 months (5 dates total). One date he invited me to his place. We ate, cuddled on the couch, kissed a little and then he got up and sat as far away from me as possible. I waited 10 minutes alone on the couch stunned. After I asked if he was coming back to sit with me. He said "Nope, I am good right here, if you want come sit by me"...20 min siiting alone on his couch, I got up and left his place. I though that night we would have FINALLY slept together. 2 weeks later I got a romantically suggestive clip off of YouTube from him.

What am I missing here?

BTW - He is 26 and I am 23


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  • Maybe he's not that experienced.

  • He's playing typical PUA games on you. Your being played by a player novice, sorry girl :(


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