Should we makeout on the first date?

I had a crush on this guy and he asked me out. We have been dating for two weeks now and just give each other pecks on the lips when we see one another. We are hanging out for our first movie date at his place and I think we might makeout while we are there, should I go for it or just keep watching the movie?


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  • if you feel the connection do it. There is no hard fast rule and certainly people here shouldn't tell you, "yes you need to makeout" or "no you have to wait"... certainly at this point it would be appropriate if you did but not necessary that you do

    It's all about how you feel about the guy and the moment. If it feels right go for it

    good luck!


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  • If you want to make out and he's cool with it have fun. If either one of you isn't into it don't let anyone else's opinions or desires make you do something you don't want.

  • Making out probably is more for a 3rd date thing 9since the third date is the "sex date" but since you're under 18 and I don't condone sex under 18, then you could probably makeout on the 3rd date. the first date, if you want to be respected should have your hand shaken and agree to another date


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