Is he avoiding me? Two-timing?

So I guess I have been a little crazy with the texting but it's only because he doesn't text me back sometimes. He'll text me back 10 min or hours later. He tells me he's always tired or hanging with the boys. I just feel like we haven't had anytime to get to know each other or really communicate because every time we get in the car, he blasts loud music, we make out, and then we go hang out somewhere where we can't actually talk. We also work at the same place too and now that we're dating, I'm kind of leery of the other girls because I don't want anyone flirting with him, however, they flirt anyway and I can't do anything about it because we don't want people to know we're dating because they will try even harder to try and get him because it's like once they know you're dating, they try and get in between you. So immature. Anyway he also liked another girl at work but she didn't like him but if she knew we were dating, she'd get jealous and try and get him back (which is what I suspect might happen soon). What should I do?

Here's what happened tonight. We had a Christmas party and I told him I wasn't going to be there to see if he invites some other girl there. I don't know if he did or not, but I showed up at the party, didn't even wave or talk to him either and we pretty much avoided each other all night. It was super awkward. But I was also smart to bring my guy friend around because all the girls talked to him and he pretty much livened up the place lol. I'm so thankful for him.


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  • First, play it cool with the texting, that makes you look needy, clingy and overbearing. He'll respond when he feels like it ... But then so should you. Don't drop everything just to text him back. You have a life outside of him right? Don't forget those people. Second, if he's really into you, people at work aren't going to be able to break you up ... Because he's into YOU, not them. Same thing with the flirting, a little jealousy is OK ... But freaking out if someone flirts with him goes back to the clingy, needy, overbearing point again. So my guess is he is avoiding you because you keep blowing up his phone, so he's loosing interest, because you're acting clingy and are too available.

    • But to be honest ... If he was into you, this wouldn't be happening, cut your losses and move on before your viewed as this crazy obsessed girl that doesn't get that ... He's just not that into you. Simple.

    • So you told your boyfriend you weren't going to this party and then brought another guy? Not smart. If that doesn't send singles that you're seeing other people, I don't know what does. Stop playing games and just talk to him. If you're questioning his feelings for you this much why are you still with him?

    • first he's not my boyfriend. We we're talking and taking things slow but he's been inconsiderate so many times that I was like maybe it's not worth it even dating this guy. He's just really cute and funny but that's it. He said he wants me to be his girlfriend but he's trying to figure out things like he sees me at the moment as being a friend with benefits (minus the sex). He said I was number one but I think he's probably talking around with other girls too otherwise I wouldn't even be a number.

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  • you're not number one in his mind. Looks like he's just using you...sorry :/