How can I tell if he is blowing me off or not?

I met this guy online,we have met about 3 times since I've known him which is just over a month. The second time I met him he mentioned that he would be busy with university work,but would do his best to see me during that time. When I first knew him he would text me quite a bit and slowly he has began to basically go to non-existent texting. Last week he text me saying how he needed to meet up with me and that he missed me. Sometimes when I've text him I've been ignored. He text me today asking if I was free tomorrow and I text back saying I was free and then he never replied. I understand university is tough with work as most people I know have a lot of studying to do. He seemed keen when we've met up and now I just feel I'm being blown off,am I looking too much into it or am I really being blown off?


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  • I think he is busy may be. First thing, don't give him much importance in your life. Don't make him the center of your mind as you don't know him yet nicely. so we never know, you might just be a time pass for him.

    • Yeah your right,I'm leaving him to it to be honest and if he don't ever talk to me again it's not the end of the world. I've just never experienced this before,but I guess with experience you learn and if he don't call me back again I know to not get so over my head about it especially when I don't know him that well.