When do British guy consider dating more than once a week?

I'm dating a British guy (a londoner) since two months. He has been asking me out every week for one month and half and then once every two weeks. It's been romantic and he is the perfect gentleman. We haven't had sex yet because he thinks that it's really good so far and when we'll make love it's going to be astonishing. He is busy and he didn't realized we don't date often (I didn't blame him). He said he likes me very much and thinks it's a relationship. How come is he not trying to see me more often? Is that a British thing? I'm getting bored and lonely...


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  • Sexuality is an event that as time goes on. Have fun thinking more

  • Don't know why he doesn't try for more. Maybe, like you said, he's busy. Still, if you want more, there is no shame in asking for more. So, just ask for more. Tell him how much you like him, and how you want to spend more time with him. Maybe tell him you miss him. Something. But if you want more, you should tell him.

    • thanks, I agree. I should just tell him. Instead I just said that I need to talk to him. (maybe that's a freaky sentence?). I feel like missing someone you see once a week is not relevant...but I might try to date someone else if this never happen. + I don't see how feelings can raise otherwise...

    • Yeah you really should tell him. At least then you can say you tried.

      Also, yes, "we need to talk" is generally a prophecy of doom, by relationship standards.

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