Did I do something wrong? Cool first date and then she changes

I met this girl in college, we became friends, started talking all the time.. She knows I like her, I'm always telling her how beautiful she is and giving her little details like chocolates and stuff.. We went out, had a great time, we didn't kiss (I didn't think it was the right time, she has only kissed one guy in her whole life, so I thought maybe we should take it slow..). After the date she told me she had a great time.. We texted on the next day, everything was normal until her cellphone stop working.. So we couldn't text or talk for 3 days, eventually I sent her a Facebook private message because I was worried about something might have happened to her.. She saw the message and didn't reply anything.. I saw she was online in the Facebook chat so I couldn't resist more and I started chatting with her, that was when she told her cellphone was broken.. At the end she just log off and didn't say good bye or anything.. I'm a little concerned that she just won't try to talk to me anymore.. I don't get it, we had such a great time in our date.. Should I keep sending her private messages on Facebook? Or just back off to see if she says something.. Did I do something wrong? Why didn't she reply the private message on the first place? I really like this girl..


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  • She is not interested anymore bud :(

    Save yourself the heartache and move on to something better

    She knows how to reach you if she wants to

  • Back off, give her some space.

    If she wants you, she'll talk to you...

    Maybe she realized that she wasn't attracted to you and didn't want to lead you on? If you keep messaging her, it'll just irritate her more (especially if she doesn't like you). That doesn't mean the fault was yours, so don't take it that way.

    I hope everything turns out for the best. Good luck! :)


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