How To Deal With Textually BiPolar?

31 year old boyfriend and I had a big fight because of his bad attitude. He was being an ass and using me as a punching bag. He does not see it that way. If I cry, he says it is my fault.

Today, I drove him to work and he always kisses me and tells me he loves me. Instead, I get the silent treatment and I get, "Thanks, I'll see you later." I was heartbroken. An hour later, I get a text saying how he's sorry and that he loves and misses me. My friends are suggesting that the silent treatment and delayed sweetness is a form of emotional abuse.

We are still hardly talking... he just selected a movie on Netflix and is sitting on the floor, because he does not want to sit beside me. He never asked me what I wanted to watch.

None of our arguments get resolved. He will never be wrong in his eyes and thinks the world always sh*ts on him. I can't win.

The intimacy/affection is the bare minimum. Kisses me bye and goodnight. No cuddling. We don't even sit close together (unless we are in the car). He knows I am affectionate.

Is the text what my friends say?

I miss the days that we would lay in the same bed together and wake up to enjoy morning fun. Now, he looks at videos practically every day and I feel like a room mate. I have tried talking to him and positive reinforcement, but every argument is turned around on me, shutting down, leaving me upset. I really don't think he cares anymore.

And by the way he is acting/interacting with our pets... he seems happy and alright that things are like this.

Another thing I forgot to add when he gets upset are mind games (which he admits to doing). He will mutter something softly or sing songs related to the situation. It is to intentionally get a rise out of me/make me feel bad.


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  • Whether or not he is actually bipolar, I don't think what you guys have is a healthy relationship. It's possible that he's losing interest, but regardless of whether or not he loves you or not, he shouldn't be treating you the way he is. Maybe his lack of affection is his method of driving you away. I would have a serious talk with him, and if doesn't want to cooperate, leave. Find a better guy that makes you happy instead of this one who makes you miserable.