Am I going insane/ over thinking?

So I met this guy like a a few weeks ago, and we are currently dating. We are moving pretty fast.. And as we all know Christmas is near. He bought me a dolphin on amazon and sent it to my house. Then when I went on Facebook, I saw that his friend which is girl said "Thanks you for the bracelet. I love it :D. But the message you wrote is like cut off on the paper so I don't know what you said lol." Is it just me? Because I feel like he's treating me like a young girl or something. He said that I'm the youngest girl he ever dated so, I don't know I'm feeling pretty jealous right now... I guess the fact that he got me a big plushy dolphin with no note what so ever, and in a big box..


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  • Maybe first you need to find out the relationship between him and that girl. Just make sure that he's not a player before you have deeper feelings for him.

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