Not sure what is going on?

Hey, so I have a bit of thing going on...I think.

So a bit of history first to set the scene. I met this really cute girl back in my second year of college. She was my neighbour in the dorms. blond, bright eyes etc, but I was never more than a friend to her. We'd hang out a lot, like I'd cook while she played video games or watch movies on my computer. She would date these douche bags and I'd be there to pick the pieces. And eventually some friends of mine hung out with her while I was out working and they came back saying she said "oh ya I love that guy, he's like one of my best friends here. We should totally try to find him a girlfriend."

Well of course I was crushed, but life goes on. She left that same year for a different college and I didn't hear from her since. Fast forward to about a month ago and I get Facebook I'm from her. We chat for a few minutes and she says she "misses me" and asks for my number. A few hours later I get a text message and we start chatting...the whole day. It was nice but the next day not word. I didn't think anything off it until day three comes along and again we're chatting up a storm, says she "misses hanging out" etc, etc. This continues for almost a week and a half to two weeks, texting me during classes and after her dance classes etc. And she asks if I'm going home for the holidays and if I want to meet up and go to a festival. My heart skips a beat.

I suggest a movie, then dinner and movie, and so it was decided we'd go see the Hobbit (awesome movie by the way). Now this is just before exam weeks so I expected almost no reply out of her for a while...which it was. Whenever I texted her like "what's up" I wouldn't get an answer, but if I asked anything about the day we were meeting up she would instantly reply.

And fast forward again and I'm on the...hang out day? We meet up for dinner, I gave her a gift since, a necklace from Final Fantasy since she likes that series, and she wears it the whole night. We watched the movie, had a blast and when I walked her to her door she throws me this long, tight hug and says, "We should meet up again sometime this week."

Ok, cool...not exactly a good night kiss, or whatever, but I'll take it I guess. Any thoughts anyone on what exactly is going on? Am I getting the wrong picture?

I remember that one of our topics of conversation she suddenly brought up the fact that she had a pretty bad boyfriend before, like abusive bad. It just occurred to me that she might be wanting to take things slow?


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  • No. She is considering you as a friend right now. so don't crush yourself thinking too good things. but however if you happen to get too close to her emotionally,she may fall in love with you.Best of luck buddy!


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